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Important :

Froggies is open to all (>18 years old) who are motivated to speak English . Indeed, you do not have to be fluent in English to join us! Our objective is to improve the English you have by using the English you have. All levels are welcome!

In fact, we thrive in diversity : the less fluent are helped by the more fluent and the more fluent help the less fluent.

We don't provide any lessons in English. Our methodology is based on guided activities where everybody gets a chance to talk and participate. It's a 2 hour total immersion approach. For example : imagine you arrive tomorrow in London or Sydney and you need to communicate (Food, transport, job ...) what better than to practice amongst friend before..

 The Evenings :

Each week we have a new activity (choosen with members collaboration). The aim is to facilitate English learning, ensure everybody speaks and have fun of course! Games, debates, talks with English people, etc. (For more information, please check our planning).


Be careful : Location can be different function activities. Please have a look to the planning to be sure where to go!

Join Froggies it's :

  • 2h talks per week with different levels,
  • Be an active member and have the possibility to lead evenings,
  • Improve your English level (writing & speaking),
  • Activities (Pub, cinema, party, travel, etc.)
  • Have fun while you improve !