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Cette page a pour but de communiquer les informations aux membres concernant nos soirées et activités.
1 - New date Forecasted - Sunday 20/03/16 6:00 pm

Rendez-vous à  17h45 le dimanche 20/03/16  devant le théâtre pour voir ensemble la pièce "How to become parisian in 1h". Nous n'organisons pas de co-voiturage spécifique ou autre.

What a good idea to be  together for a such event ;)

 Billets sur 23/02/16 : 14€ cat 2.

2 - FYI - Réunion de CA le lundi 18/01/2016 20:00. Prochain le 21/03/16 20:00.


3 - Visit Saint Denis Basilica - 2/04/16 sith us

Come and visit the Basilica Cathedral of Saint Denis near Paris with Froggies & our super guide Thomas, the first monumental masterpiece of Gothic art.

Discover the Royal necropolis and its collection of 70 sculpted recumbent statues - the only set of its kind in Europe - bathed in the multi-coloured light of the 12th and 19th-century stained glass windows. When: 2nd april 2016 Which hour: 2:15 PM CET (Visit will start at 2:30 CET)Meeting point: Basilica of Saint Denis For who: Open to Froggies members, family, friends Price: 6€/p Language: EnglishFun: 90% sure



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