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The "Froggies" is regulated by the non-profit associations law of 1st July 1901

The original idea was to hold diner evenings between friends where only English would be spoken; sharing experiences and improving spoken English while having fun. It was with this idea that we decided to enlarge the circle of friends by forming a new association: FROGGIES

2010-2011 :

The Frog was born on the 1st September 2010 when the Froggies Association was created. It started
with 3 active members and quicky grew by word of mouth to have 8 active members in June 2010.

2011-2012 :

On the 11th September 2011, Froggies participated for the first time at the « Forum des associations » of Poissy.
In addition to the evening events, a visit to the Villa Savoye was organized with the participation of the Poissy Tourist Office. Also, in February 2012, an article appeared in the Courrier des Yvelines describing the association and the weekly activities.
In May, a visit to Dublin was organised and an undeniably enjoyable time was for those members who participated.
By the end of the season, the association had 26 active members.

2012-2013 :

The 9th September 2012 saw the second Forum des association of Poissy. The founders and some members participated in order to publicise the activites and values of the association.
During the year, a 'night' guided tour of Poissy was organised
once again with the participation of the Poissy Tourist office. Also, the Froggies organised a guided tour of the 'Marais' district in Paris in February 2013.
This years visit was to Scotland; Edinburgh and the Scottish highlands.  
By the end of the season, there was a total of 30 active members.